A Blissfully Perfect Wedding at Colonial Heritage Club

In order to really set the scene for Taylor and Chris’s wedding at Colonial Heritage Club, you need to know how INCREIDBLE this venue is. Aside from the fact that the building itself is stunning on the inside and out. The wedding coordinator at Colonial Heritage Club, Corey, was honestly the most refreshing human being! The golf course is beautiful and provided a simple, yet, stunning view in every direction.

Taylor and Chris are so much fun to photograph, I could have followed them around for 12 more hours. Taylor wears her emotions on her sleeve, in the best way. From the moment she saw Chris during the first look, she couldn’t hold back the tears. And her dress! It was a sight to see! Honestly, it was magnificent and even that word might not do it full justice. Watching her walk down the aisle to Chris looking like royalty, combined with the emotion of the day and the view; it was truly a moment that will likely be engrained in my mind for years to come.

Earlier in the day, Chris admitted that he doesn’t get emotional easily. So when he started tearing up during the dance with his step-mom, everyone in the room was done for! They danced to his late mother’s favorite song (the song from the movie Titanic). After the song ended many family and friends came up to hug them. Meanwhile, picture me literally bawling behind the camera.

At this point in the wedding season, if you’ve read any of my other blogs you are well aware about my love for speeches. The speeches/ toasts given for Taylor and Chris didn’t disappoint. Chris ended it with a speech of his own, which was basically an incredibly well written love letter to Taylor for all of their friends and family to hear. Needless to say, Taylor was crying, I was crying, other people were probably crying too but I was too enthralled by his words to take my eyes off of them.

With all of the big, emotional parts of the day out of the way, Taylor and Chris were really able to leave it all on the dance floor with so many of their loved ones! There were so many unforgettable moments during this blissfully perfect wedding day at Colonial Heritage Club. Take a scroll for yourself!

Shout out to all of the AMAZING vendors who helped make this day so incredible!

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