A Dreamy Day at James Monroe’s Highland

Lindsay and Sam’s wedding day was one for the books! James Monroe’s Highland is such a stunning venue and made for the most beautiful backdrop! It even complimented their personalities, totally embodying a peaceful vibe.

There’s usually at least one moment every wedding day that stands out to me. After Lindsay and Sam’s first look I asked Sam if he wanted to go back and hang out the groomsmen or stay with us while we did the bridesmaid pictures. He looked at Lindsay with dreamy eyes and said “I want to stay with Lindsay.” It absolutely melted me! At the ceremony, their were hymns for the guests and after Lindsay’s dad walked her down the aisle to Sam, they sang with all of their friends and family. The rest of the day went so smoothly! Lindsay and Sam danced the night away with their friends and family!

Lindsay & Sam,

You guys are truly one of a kind. I hope the way you guys look at each other never fades! I hope every day is as good as this day was. Wishing you guys an eternity of love and happiness!

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