Incredible Summer Wedding with Abigail and Vincent

Where to even begin with this incredible day! The Lake of the Woods is a stunning venue; the inside is bright and open and outside the views are pretty much unbeatable lake views all day long. Abigail and Vincent rounded up an insane amount of flowers from friends and families gardens, decking out the inside of the venue from every angle. The colors they chose complimented the venue and views perfectly! There were little sentimental touches just splashed all around, everywhere you looked!

Abigail and Vincent are special. They have the kind of love that you can just feel, it radiates off of them. The way they look at each other, the way they always seem to find each other across a room, the way they communicate and know what the other wants or needs without even having to say it out loud. They are playful, fun, and their laughter is so contagious! Watching their families come together and help each other all day long was inspiring. 

Their wedding day held so many special moments! From the first look, to the ceremony where Abigail surprised Vincent by reading part of her vows in Cantonese. She practiced in secret with the help of Vincent’s sister. The reception began with an epic mother and son dance and a heartwarming family dance with Abigail’s family! The Lion Dance was an experience I feel honored to have witnessed; it was SO fun and meaningful. The tea pouring ceremony was so personal, what an incredible tradition! From start to finish this day was incredibly beautiful to witness.

Abigail & Vincent,

I am SO excited to see where the future takes you!! I feel honored to have met you and all of your families!

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