Intimate Summer Garden Wedding

Eileanor and Isidore are truly special. This became obvious after only the first few minutes of meeting them. Their wedding day was nothing less; it embodied the word special! From the beautifully significant location they chose to the vows they wrote. Everything was intentional, personal, and perfect in every way. 

Eileanor looked breathtaking in her dress and Isidore’s reaction to seeing her for the first time was everything one could hope for! He was downright giddy! 

Throughout the day their puppy, Petey, was nonstop checking in on everyone. He would run from where Eileanor was getting her makeup done all the way down stairs to find out what Isidore was doing, over and over. Let’s just say by the end of his ring bearer duties he was absolutely worn out, quite literally falling asleep in their arms (also adorable).

This intimate summer garden wedding was tear jerkingly special to witness. Everyone knows speeches are one of my favorite parts of all weddings and Eileanor’s dad didn’t disappoint! Later in the night Isidore brought me to tears again with a toast to his family and friends. 

Watching Eileanor and Isidore celebrate with their family and friends made for an unforgettable day!! Take a look and see for yourself!

All of the amazing vendors:

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