Blissful Spring Wedding at the Norfolk Commune

The afternoon started with a heartwarming bang, as family and friends helped prepare the stunning space for the ceremony and reception in just over an hour. It was truly something special to watch everyone come together for Aislinn and Samuel. Aislinn, her aunts, and her cousin Katie put together all of the amazing florals and center pieces for the tables. Aislinn’s sister Kasey did her makeup and her mom and cousin did her hair; both were absolutely beautiful and timeless. The love and support for Aislinn and Samuel was apparent in every intentional detail and carried on throughout the entire evening.

Over the last few weeks of getting to know Aislinn and Samuel, they are a like in a lot of ways. They are both adventurous, they like to have fun, and they are incredibly kind. Their love for each other is obvious and refreshing. All evening long they stole kisses from each other and every conversation they had together was carried on with big cheesy smiles on their faces. During their moment alone after the ceremony, Aislinn gave Samuel a deeply sentimental gift. It was such a beautiful moment!

Aislinn is going off to basic training for the air force soon (You go girl!!). After she finishes that, they hope to go somewhere tropical and honeymoon their little hearts out!

Aislinn & Samuel,

It was truly an honor to meet you both and be a part of your very special day. I wish you both many years of happiness!

  1. Brittany Dorsey says:

    Beautiful blog and stunning photos! You take photos of the most memorable moments and capture them in the most perfect lighting! So proud of you!

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